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Final Thesis

Saving the best for last.

Before taking those long-awaited first steps into business, everyone has to think about their exams. Final exam papers are expected to be brimming with learned comments and academic insights based closely on the ”real world” outside college – ideally from first-hand experience. Which is where we can help. Whether you are working on a bachelor or a master thesis, especially if you are leaning towards technology or research and development, we provide comprehensive support. At the same time, we actively involve you in the world of thyssenkrupp Presta Steering. Take a look at our job board to find out which challenges we are currently facing and for which innovation topics we are looking for scientific input. After all, in the past, many student’s scientific papers transformed into entrance tickets to a successful career with thyssenkrupp Presta Steering.

Already considering some ideas for your thesis? If you are, why not get in touch today. Or apply now to one of our companies (contact), outlining the area you want to write about and the general structure of your thesis. We would be delighted to hear from you and are always eager to listen to your ideas. In return, we can tell you about the support and supervision you would receive from thyssenkrupp Presta Steering.