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Which application formats do you prefer?

The quickest is via our online application management system. This system enables us to respond quickly to your application, and it saves you both time and money. Start your online application process by simply clicking on the relevant button in the job advertisement you’re interested in. Once you have written your cover letter and résumé, you just need up to 10 minutes to fill out the application form.

What makes a good application?

A good application consists of a cover letter, résumé, and up-to-date certificates. Even more importantly, it gives us a good picture of your expertise and character. We have compiled more precise information on this very subject in our application tips section.

To whom do I send my application?

If you are applying for a specific job opening, the description will almost always include information on whom to contact. Otherwise, send your application to the personnel department at the thyssenkrupp Presta Steering subsidiary you would like to work at. If you are still not sure, just pick up the phone – we are happy to point you in the right direction.

How long does the application process take?

Once you have gotten in touch with us, we usually need between four to six weeks to decide if you will be joining our team.

I have a start date in mind - how far in advance should I apply?

As early as possible. The reasons: we need some time to review your application and start making initial selections. What is more, some areas have pre-determined, fixed start dates.

Are speculative applications worth it? Should I apply exclusively to advertised opportunities?

We are always looking for talented people to support us in our work. So we are delighted to see individuals take the initiative and create their own opportunities when applying. For more information, head over to our speculative applications section.

School Students

Which career is the right one for me?

Of course that depends on your strong points and what you like to do. After all, choosing a career is a very important decision in your life. Maybe our vocational training programs can whet your appetite and get you going in a particular direction.

Can I start my vocational training at thyssenkrupp Presta Steering?

But of course! We can offer you a wide range of vocational training jobs and opportunities, both technical and business oriented. Please find further information in the area for school students.

University Students

Does thyssenkrupp Presta Steering offer internships?

Some bigger companies of thyssenkrupp Presta Steering are offering internships. However, there is no central clearing office for internships. So the requirements for an internship depend on the respective company. Please visit our section Students for further information.

Which areas are open to internships?

On principle, there’s no restriction. Visit our online internship job board. You will find more information on how to apply for open positions and how to surprise us with your speculative application in our section for students.

Which requirements do I have to fulfill for an internship?

As a rule, you need to have good grades in your high school graduation certificate and in your studies so far. On top of that, a high degree of commitment and motivation is the best prerequisite to start your internship at thyssenkrupp Presta Steering. More tangible requirements are set by the respective companies in which you want to work as an intern.

What's the minimum duration of an internship?

Many different factors influence the length of an internship. As a rule, you should spend at least three months in order to get a good glimpse of the practical side of thyssenkrupp Presta Steering.

Do I get paid during my internship?

Remuneration depends on the company that employs you, but also on the fact whether your internship is a required part of your course of studies, or rather voluntary. Please raise this issue with your contact person in the respective company or during your job interview.

Is there a possibility to spend an internship abroad with thyssenkrupp Presta Steering?

As a goup of companies and part of thyssenkrupp, a major global player, we are also offering international internships. On principle, the same requirements apply, but it is somewhat more difficult to get an internship with one of our companies outside Liechtenstein and Germany. Please contact the respective international company directly.

Which requirements do I have to meet in order to get an internship abroad?

You need to speak the language of the respective country well, and you need to be ready to pay your own travel expenses as well as room and board. It may even be possible that the respective company will not pay you for your internship. On top of that, there may be country-specific conditions (e.g. residence or work permit), which should be discussed directly with our international companies. Furthermore you increase your chances to get an internship abroad if you have already done a thyssenkrupp internship in the home country.

How can I apply for an internship (abroad)?

Since we do not offer a central clearing house for internships, please send your application directly to the company of your choice. Please find further information in the section for students or get in touch with the respective contact persons in the companies themselves.

Will thyssenkrupp Presta Steering accept me as a working student?

Yes in principle. If you want to be a working student, you can find further information in our area for students. For working students, the predominant goal is your active participation in the company.

How will I get paid as a working student?

As a rule, you’ll receive a higher pay than as an intern. Please clarify this issue directly with your contact person in our companies, or during the job interview.

How and where can I apply as a working student?

Like in the case of internships, we do not offer a central clearing house for working student positions. So if you’re interested, please send your application directly to the company of your choice. Please find further information in the area for students.

Does thyssenkrupp Presta Steering also monitor and support final theses? If so, which conditions do I have to fulfill?

Whether you are preparing for your bachelor’s, master’s or diploma thesis: when the topic is focused on technology, research and development, you may receive comprehensive help and support while at the same time actively giving your input at thyssenkrupp Presta Steering. Ideally, you should have studied quickly and received good grades, and you should have chosen a focus that fits to one of our many working and business areas of our group of companies. For further information, please visit our web pages for students or get in touch with the companies’ respective contact persons.

How can I apply for a mentor for my final thesis?

Due to the great number of requests, we are unable to act as a central placement point. So please contact the company of your choice directly. For further information, please visit our web pages for students.

University Graduates

How can I join thyssenkrupp Presta Steering after graduation?

After your university graduation, thyssenkrupp Presta Steering offers you two types of entry:

  • direct entry: Please apply to the respective departments for an entry-level position – and become a highly-esteemed performer in exciting projects from day one
  • trainee program: One of the most interesting and exciting opportunities for joining thyssenkrupp Presta Steering. It is the aim of our trainee programs to give university graduates and talents with first job experience on-the-job preparation for challenging specialist and leadership positions. During a fixed time of usually 15 months, you can dive deep into our structures and working methods, while rotating through a number of departments or positions both in Liechtenstein / Germany and abroad.
How are the trainee programs structured?

Our trainee programs are individual programs that are both tailored to your individual personality, specific skills and knowledge, as well as to your target position in one of our companies. That way, you get to know your area of operations from a strategic as well as an operative point of view. During this time of usually 15 months, which you spend both in Liechtenstein / Germany and abroad, you will network with other trainees, develop both from hands-on experience and in special talent seminars, and you can apply your ideas to international projects. The exact details of your tasks depend on your previous studies, your future position in our company and a number of other parameters.

What are the deciding factors for the acceptance as a trainee?

Both technical and business graduates can join our trainee program. They should have graduated from university with good grades. Apart from first practical experiences in their desired area they should be fluent in English (written and spoken) and be able to systematically prepare complex facts and to get acquainted with diverse topics at short notice. They should also be characterized by their commitment, pronounced communication skills and an independent style of thinking and working.

What are the language requirements for the trainee program?

Trainees should especially be fluent in English (both written and spoken). Since a trainee will not only be in contact with English-speaking clients, but may also be deployed abroad, business fluency in English is simply a necessity. Since we are active all over the world, additional language proficiency is considered a plus.

What will come after the management trainee program?

The choice of our trainees is of our greatest interest because of how much we invest in our next generation of employees. So after your management trainee program, exciting positions are open to you in your company – all over the world at thyssenkrupp.

Can I join an international thyssenkrupp Presta Steering company after my management trainee program?

You may switch to one of our international companies. Often, your supervisors will make such an offer to you if you have convinced them by your performance and you let it be known that you are looking for an international job opportunity.

Are trainee programs better than direct entry?

No, they are simply a different way of joining our team. Which form of entry is better for you, and which one you finally decide on, depends on many factors. However, the trainee program offers a broader network across the different segments, which is always advantageous. The best thing would be for you to visit our web pages on trainee program and direct entry first - and if you are not sure, please get in touch with one of our contacts.

What does a direct entry at thyssenkrupp Presta Steering mean?

When you join thyssenkrupp Presta Steering via direct entry, you will be set to work immediately in a specified area. The difference between direct entry and going through a training program is that you will not get a systematic insight into neighboring work areas, but we still try to continually open up your perspective by means of an exchange of experiences, by seminars and of course, by your daily work.

Which prerequisites do I have to fulfill in order to start working at thyssenkrupp Presta Steering?

What’s important for us is to have people with a clear profile. When you can top this off by your convincing grades, your motivation and your commitment, you’re already more than halfway there. Depending on the position in question, you may also have to possess specific skills and knowledge. And last but not least: your personal impressions are also important.


How can I join thyssenkrupp Presta Steering as an experienced specialist?

Whether you like to take on responsibility as a leader or expert with an academic background as an engineer for one of the many positions in our technology group, or as a specialist with a technical or business background – you can count on attractive tasks, colleagues who work as a team, many options for your continued training and the backing of an international successful group of companies. As a principle, we prefer to recruit out leaders from among our own ranks, so that we can offer lots of latitude for the development of our employees. Still, specialists from outside do join us from time to time. If you’re interested to see what might be suitable for you, please visit our online job board.

Can I write a speculative application if I already have job experience?

Oh yes, we’re even looking forward to your application. Please find out more on our web pages about speculative applications.

Do I need industry-specific experience?

Industry-specific experience is of course nice to have, but is not the only defining requirement for you to join us. What’s more important is whether your profile fits our needs.

What are my chances with thyssenkrupp Presta Steering for me as a career changer?

For us, it’s a matter of principle to welcome every motivated individual with good ideas and great performance. Whether we can offer you a concrete career perspective depends on our current needs as well as on how well your profile fits our demand. For starters, please take a look at our online job board or take the initiative and send us your application.

Where can I send my application for an international career?

Please contact the company of your choice directly for more information about the concrete requirements as well as the respective application procedure. The relevant contact person will be happy to help you.